Volume 4, Number 1 / February issue 2018

Volume 4, Number 1, February issue 2018

Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira
Handbook of Advanced Lighting Technology

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Diane L. Hice
Concept-based learning and enhancement of metacognition in nursing education

A concept-based curriculum uses overall principles with broad perspectives and applies them to relevant scenarios. In contrast to content-focused instruction, these broader-based concepts can have wide-reaching applicability. Concept-based attributes such as problem-solving, analysis, mapping, and critical thinking can reinforce metacognitive skills and promote higher-order thinking. These constructs are of particular importance to the provision of quality nursing care.
A review of the literature was conducted to explore concept-based learning and how it informs metacognition in nursing education. Further experience, research and faculty education is needed to demonstrate the success of content-based learning, its influence on metacognitive development, and, most importantly, its promise to ensure safe, high quality patient care.
Keywords: metacognition, metacognition and nursing practice, concept-based education, concept-based teaching in nursing

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Diane L. Hice. Concept-based learning and enhancement of metacognition in nursing education. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 4(1)2018, 10-19.
Candice Bethoney
Treating alcohol withdrawal syndrome

The purpose of this research is to look at the prevention and treatment of AWS in the hospital setting. This paper discusses alcohol misuse and alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS). Finally, it includes the exploration of the reasons, signs, and symptoms of AWS.
Keywords: Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms, Delirium Tremens, Ethanol Administration, Prevention of Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Prevention, Delirium Tremens Prevention

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Candice Bethoney. Treating alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 4(1)2018, 20-24.
Osman Imamoglu, Erkut Tutkun, Gunay Sen
Stress level and self relation in university students and coaches

In this study, the relationship between the stress level and self-concept of the university students and coaches was investigated. To 310 students and 90 coaches, stress level scale and self-design inventory were applied. The comparisons were made by student t test. There was a statistical difference between stress level and self-design scores according to age level of students and coaches (p<0,001), there was no significant difference according to height and body weight (p<0,001). As the age level increases, the stress score decreases. There were no significant differences in the self-concept score while the male had higher stress score than the female (p<0,001). It was found statistically significant that the coaches had higher stress scores than students (p<0,001). Coaches were found to have a more stressful and negative self-concept than students. Stress level of coaches should be lowered to improve their positive self-esteem.
Keywords: Students, Coaches, Stress Level, Self-Design

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Osman Imamoglu, Erkut Tutkun, Gunay Sen. Stress level and self relation in university students and coaches. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 4(1)2018, 25-30.
Ugur Tuztasi, Z. Hale Tokay
Post-modern historicism architectural application in Nigde: a classificational evaluation

The Starting point of the present study will be the inquiry pertaining to the acquisition architectural imageries, which were articulated to the Nigde urban repertoire in pursue of the modernism, into the collective urban memory. The architectural applications of historicism post-modernist attitude, which was influential for a nearly 20 year period in Nigde from 1990 to 2010, will constructed the contextual frameworks of the study. In the aforementioned period, the architectural production of some architects with nation wide prominence such as Fatih Gorbon, Merih Karaaslan, Emre Aysu, brought about diverse admirations. Though their categories are different, these compositions can be classified in Post-modernistic style. Within the study, the frames of dialogues of the historical references to the selected compositions with imageries in the available memory of the city will be examined. The architectural production in Nigde, which was aimed to be framed in line with modernisation criteria taking place in an environment in close relation with public activities especially in the period following 1950, has exhibited more independent and diverse tendencies along with Post-modernism. The exhibition of such a diverse style in such a small-scale city as Nigde has inevitably given rise to differentiation of the form and style repertoire in the collective memory of people. However, the spread of the impact of the impulse of modernisation or the architectural activities emerging in relation to this impulse in large cities to the other cities of Anatolia both has taken due time and has spread within the frames of relations between centre-periphery. A similar interpretation can be constructed for the architectural products, which were shaped in relation to the postmodernism and historicism approaches. For this reason, it can be seen that the era in our country which was dominated by the postmodern style was extended by the architectural applications in Nigde and that this style maintained its functionality to the recent past. Within the scope of the present study, architectural samples selected in Nigde will be evaluated within certain classification criteria.
Keywords: Nigde, Architecture, Urban Memory, Historicism, Postmodernism

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Ugur Tuztasi, Z. Hale Tokay. Post-modern historicism architectural application in Nigde: a classificational evaluation. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 4(1)2018, 31-47.
Marina Andrade, Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira
Mixture traces probabilistic analysis in the comparison of several hypotheses

The objective of this work is to discuss various approaches in the analysis of DNA mixture profiles, starting with a mixture trace with only two contributors and extending the analysis to a larger number of contributors. Both the algebraic treatment and the use of OOBN are considered concluding with the inevitability of using the latter in more complex situations.
Keywords: Mixture traces, Likelihood ratio, Bayesian networks, OOBN

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Marina Andrade, Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira. Mixture traces probabilistic analysis in the comparison of several hypotheses. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 4(1)2018, 48-53.
Uğur Tuztaşı
Dreaming Architecture without Architects: Designers/Builders of Their Own “Homes”

Throughout history construction of “homes” always existed at the borders of architecture be it with or without architects. This study explores the efforts of an artisan who preferred to build his own “home”. Mustafa Hızır has deposited his architectural desires in every corner of the “home” he constructed in 33 years in Niğde. Although his efforts are not as colourful as the dreams of Antoni Gaudí or Jacques Couëlle, the architect of Happiness Homes or unorthodox architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the story of this artisan in dreaming and building his “home” is very interesting. “Home” means “hearth” for Hızır and he was inspired by birds' nests while building his “home”. Hızır, who has spent more than thirty years building his “home” investigating crossbill nests, has hand-crafted all the items in his “home” from furniture to chandeliers. In short, this study explores the interesting story of Mustafa Hızır's “home” and along with stories from other artisans who realised their architectural dreams in their “homes”.
Keywords: “Home”, Architecture without Architects, Mustafa Hızır, Nature, Crossbill

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Uğur Tuztaşı. Dreaming Architecture without Architects: Designers/Builders of Their Own “Homes”. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 4(1)2018, 54-65.
Huriye Demet Cabar, Merve Altay, Birsen Altay, Melek Ersoy Karaçuha
Children and play

It is aimed to give information about the child and play in this article by compiling the literature. In the article has been mentioned about play areas, the effects of play on children according to age groups, play and development and computer game dependency. As a result; the game is very important for the child, and nowadays the variety of games is increasing with technology.
Keywords: children, play, development

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Huriye Demet Cabar, Merve Altay, Birsen Altay, Melek Ersoy Karaçuha. Children and play. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 4(1)2018, 66-71.