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Volume 6, Number 4 / December issue 2020
Maram Saleh Miralam
Information security challenges in cloud computing

This paper aims to identify the Information Security Challenges in Cloud Computing. However, the use of Cloud computing in government organizations, private sectors and individuals is rapidly growing and it will grow more in the next few years especially, there are still many challenges, risks and threats to be concerned about. For example: data loss, data breaches and data misuse. To achieve the purposes of this paper, the researcher adopted the critical evaluation method that has been immensely used in many other studies (Arabic and other languages) to show advantages and disadvantages related to the research, solve problems and to compare her results with other research. The results show the ability of making sophisticated services with powerful computing capabilities with low cost computing entities and using advanced models. Furthermore, ability to access data safely any time and from any devices with preventing data leakage especially for the government organizations, private sectors. This paper recommends more massive academic research into these issues and to develop data security programs.
Keywords: Information Security, Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing Types, Cloud Computing Risks

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Maram Saleh Miralem. Information security challenges in cloud computing. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 6(4)2020, 99-115.


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