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Volume 6, Number 4 / December issue 2020
Shahad Ahmed Abdulgaffar
Information security challenges in cloud computing: critical reviewing study

The great increase of intellectual production, the diversity of information sources and containers, and the technical revolution, which led in its turn to a large dependence on the Internet, portals and digital information sources, resulted not only in an emerging need to secure websites, computers, software and information in their various forms, but also in the growing importance of what is called the cloud computing service, which is a technical service that has changed the traditional ways of deploying services by organizations or individuals. The paper aimed at shedding light on the challenges facing cloud-computing technology, especially the information security challenge, in order to try to identify the challenges and solutions that contribute in limiting these challenges. In fact, the lack of independent and detailed studies of these challenges that focus on practical solutions was the motive for conducting this paper. It aims at identifying and collecting the intellectual production, specifying the deficiencies, and looking out for future studies issues bearing in mind the importance of information security and its impact on the continuity and development of technology and facilitating the preservation, sharing and extraction of knowledge.
In this paper, the critical literary methodology was followed to specify the achieved studies and literature in the same issue and thus generalize the benefits and find solutions. Fifteen studies were analyzed to achieve the goal of identifying the challenges facing cloud computing. After reviewing the literature and studies, one of the most prominent results of the paper is that the most prominent challenges of cloud computing is information security. A number of studies have suggested heading to encryption as one of the solutions, and some of them have dealt with classification or the use of machine learning and fuzzy logic.
This paper recommended the necessity of conducting specialized studies in finding applicable solutions to tackle the challenges, the perfect use of machine learning techniques and fuzzy logic, the optimal use of encryption, and the adoption of systems that are "safe by default". Indeed, security is not just a technology but should be related to people and operations as well. Internet security should not be absolute, but rather needs planning, design and building security from the birth of the idea.
Keywords: Information Security, Cloud Computing, Hybrid Cryptography, Risk Assessment, Cloud Computing Data Center, 3D Storage, Deffie Hellman Protocol

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Shahad Ahmed Abdulgaffar. Information security challenges in cloud computing: critical reviewing study. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 6(4)2020, 42-62.


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