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Volume 6, Number 4 / December issue 2020
Josef Prijotomo
Uma Sumba: constructional adaptation to earthquake and morphological relation with Papua and Timor Leste

This paper presents the process of erecting a Sumba uma, a Sumba architecture, taking place at the time of reconstruction of the traditional building. The process of reconstruction was meticulously documented, every step taken was documented. On this documentation a study was done, the examination on the types of wood construction was carried out, as well as its adaptability around the location of Sumba island in the ring of fire. This study and examination utilizing a qualitative method is carried out in order to find out whether there is any prior building possessing similar shape as Sumba building in architecture in the Archipelago (Nusantara), especially architecture in eastern part of Nusantara. From this study it was found that the construction of this traditional house utilizes a sway construction which was found to be very adaptive to earthquake, a frequent natural phenomenon on the islands located in the ring of fire. It was also found that the shape of Sumba uma architecture has a morphological correspondence with architecture in southern part of Papua and in Timor Leste.
Keywords: Nusantara Architecture, Sumba Architecture, earthquake resistance, sway construction, morphology

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Josef Prijotomo. Uma Sumba: constructional adaptation to earthquake and morphological relation with Papua and Timor Leste. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 6(4)2020, 30-41.


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