Current Issue

Volume 6, Number 4 / December issue 2020
Sumilah, Yetrie Ludang, Holten Sion, Joni Bungai, Kusnida Indrajaya, Firlianty
Relationship between teacher competence and student motivation in North Barito Regency

The role of individual performance is needed to advance the quality of education. Without a good performance, the goal will be very far achieved like a fire away from the roast. So the individual performance of teachers is very necessary in the world of education. Teachers are the backbone of educational activities, especially those related to teaching and learning activities. Without the role of the teacher, the teaching and learning process will be disrupted or even fail. Therefore, in education management, the role of teachers in efforts to succeed in education is always improved, teacher performance or work performance must always be improved considering the challenges of the world of education to produce quality human resources that are able to compete in the global era. Performance or work performance can be interpreted as the achievement of work results in accordance with the rules and standards that apply to each organization, in this case the school. This study concludes that the level of education, facilities and infrastructure and the work environment greatly influences the performance of teachers in elementary schools, especially in South Barito Regency.
Keywords: education level, infrastructure, work environment, performance, school teacher

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Sumilah, Yetrie Ludang, Holten Sion, Joni Bungai, Kusnida Indrajaya, Firlianty. Relationship between teacher competence and student motivation in North Barito Regency. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 6(4)2020, 165-177.


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